Culture Vultures by Exterion Media

The urban audience are avid fans of the arts and attractions up and down the UK. Not only do they enjoy making the most of what’s on offer, they support and understand the industry and the impact it has on the UK economy. Looking ahead, we see their appetite for diversity and a willingness to be educated. They are looking for inspiration so that they can get events booked in advance as well as make spur of the moment decisions. Supporting our findings, Mintel analysts predict the number of visits to attractions will continue to grow (rising by an estimated 3.4% in 2016). Mintel forecasts a continuation of this upwards trajectory, with visits rising by 15% by 2021. “Visitor attraction numbers should continue on their growth path towards 2021. People are looking to escape the political and economic uncertainty that dominates the news at the moment. This means that they will be looking for forms of escapism close to home. The fall in value of the pound makes overseas trips more expensive for UK consumers so many will opt for domestic trips instead. It also makes the UK a more attractive destination for foreign visitors and this should serve a boost to visitor attraction numbers.” Mintel analyst*

Sources used: surveys; January 2017, November 2016. *Mintel Report; Visitor Attractions Dec 2016


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